Affordable Laser Cutters, and Engravers

A high-quality CO2 laser cutter and engraver system can perform tasks that other units can’t. The ability to effortlessly and accurately design, cut, and engrave a variety of materials to whatever specifications your computer can display can be useful for a number of commercial, educational, and even personal projects; and locating the right laser equipment for each job requires the help of experts who can help guide you to the right piece of equipment at the right price. They will also be able to counsel you on accessories that you may need for your specific situation, like water chillers or fume extraction systems.

When you’re considering investing in equipment like laser machinery, you’ll want not only a range of power options and platform sizes to choose from, but more importantly the assurance that, should something go wrong, you will have a warranty and great customer service to fall back on to help you get things taken care of quickly and professionally. This is true in all cases, but even more so when your laser equipment is part of a demanding, production oriented commercial enterprise. You need things fixed and operational as soon as possible or you’re losing money.

As they say at Boss Laser, “A quality built laser machine needs to be precise, reliable, and backed by knowledgeable friendly support.”


boss laser metal cutterThe engineering team at Boss Laser can also provide you with outstanding software to help you take full advantage of your laser equipment, like the BossOne with Engravelab v9; this is an all-inclusive software package that gives you a cost-effective turn-key pc set up for any Boss Laser. The package includes a highly-rated HP 250 G1 15.6″ PC / notebook that comes with your pre-installed laser software. EngraveLAB is recognized in the industry as one of the world’s top laser engraving software solutions because of its functionality, reasonable price, and it’s particularly easy initial setup. To learn even more about this software package you can go to

Although standard CO2 laser cutters can handle an incredible array of tasks, you may have a project which requires cutting metal; if that’s the case, the next tier of laser machinery will be what you’re looking for. These lasers will do everything the standard CO2 lasers do, plus they can cut steel up to 3mm if that’s what your project calls for. As is the case with all of the systems you’ll find at bosslaser, they come complete with everything you’ll need in order to get started quickly.

Established in 2011, Boss Laser has helped provide needed laser equipment to hobbyists, schools, Universities, and Fortune 500 companies. Whether it’s laser engraving, cutting, marking, or imaging, they support their customers and assist them in acquiring the best laser machine for their unique needs. To find out how they may be able to add you to their list of satisfied clients, see them at boss laser.

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